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Download Male Scripts 

  • Male Script 1 - Shahid Kapoor - Cance Pe Dance Monologues  Download 
  • Male Script 2 - Nagative Character - Dhandha Monologues       Download 
  • Male Script 3 - Badala - Bade Acche Lagte Hai Monologues     Download
  • Male Script 4 – Husband – Negative Character Monologues      Download
  • Male Script 5 – Son Talking to His Father Monologues              Download
  • Male Script 6 - Son - Maa ki Mout Ka Badla Monologues         Download

Download Female Scripts 

  • Female Script 5 - Mother and Daughter Monologues                  Download
  • Female Script 6 - Rajkumari - Single Character Monologues      Download
  • Female Script 7 - Female Dance Teacher Monologue                  Download
  • Female Script 8 – MahaMantri Ki Beti Monologue                     Download
  • Female Script 9 - Rajasthani  Maa ki Mout Beti ka Monologue  Download
  • Female Script 11 - Rajasthani Babhi Monologue                         Download
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