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Need Male and Female Actor for Kickass Film Projects

We are seeking Mumbai based actors for a Kickass FILM project.
The characters are all Tertiary and would appear in Single scenes.
Kindly READ the requirements Carefully.

The characters are as follows -

1. Need : Male, For Retro songs performer
Age : 27-35 Year
- Looking for a Spoofy version of 80's horrible live singers.The kind you find in cheesy bars. MUST be able to sing,dance and perform.

2. Need : Male Good Pandit
Age : Male 40-45 Year
- Looking for someone who CAN CHANT real Mantras!

3. Need : Annoying Neighbor
Age : 30-45 Year

4. Need : Female (News Reporter)
Need : Male ( TV anchor )
Age : 26-35 Year

5. Need : Male (Evil Pandit)
Age :40-45 Year

6. Need : Female Teacher
Age : 28-35 Year

Interested Send your Profile details and New Pics with Audition Link on WhatsApp and Email.
The right ones will be called for an audition this week.

Kindly mention 'LTR' in the subject line.
We looking for a WILD WILD bunch!

Casting Director : Ahwan Bommana
Email : ahwanbcast@gmail.com

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